ABC Doula Service is now ABC Doula & Newborn Care

You will be seeing some changes from us this week. We have redesigned our company and logo! After almost 20 years of being ABC Doula Service, we are now ABC Doula & Newborn Care. Why the change? Two reasons. One, we have been around so long that sometimes people look past your logo and branding and just go on reputation alone, and that has worked well for us. But as our client families are constantly changing, our business needed to update as well, so we wanted a fresh look for our next decade of serving families. Second--and this one is the most exciting--we have created a company with hybrid services including Newborn Care Specialists (NCS)! We are so excited that our team now offers the expertise of newborn care, and can support parents in that role as well as the traditional postpartum doula role we have loved for almost 2 decades. Stay tuned this week to hear more about what NCS can do, and check out the site with our beautiful new logo. We're so excited to expand our offerings...can you tell?