Our Services

Customize our services to fit your family's needs

At ABC Doula & Newborn Care, we offer multiple services to support your family and your new baby.

after baby comes

Need care for your family after baby arrives? Our professional doulas offer breastfeeding help, newborn care instruction, household support, and mother care after birth. We are expert problem solvers, here to make you feel confident and competent as you welcome your baby.


Need sleep? For parents struggling with sleep deprivation with their new baby/twins, we offer on-site assistance with your baby so you get more sleep as we problem solve according to your sleep goals. One night of respite or several weeks of care can be arranged (early booking is recommended).

I wanted to write and just say THANK YOU!!! You snuck out with out me being able to tell you how awesome you are and how invaluable you were to my wife and I - worth every penny! I would (and will) recommend you to everyone and anyone. You Rock!
— Father of singleton, Sellwood

Additional Services

Placenta Encapsulation - Want to encapsulate your placenta? Get your questions answered and sign up here!

Lactation Visits - When you don’t need a full doula visit but just want some concentrated support surrounding breastfeeding your baby or twins. In-home support as needed to help you get to your goals.

Parent Classes - Private in-home classes for families expecting one or more babies, done on your schedule, and customized to your needs. Great for families on bed rest, couples with challenging schedules, or families who prefer a one-on-one learning experience.

Sleep Consults - Get one on one tips, techniques and support to have your baby sleeping better so everyone can rest easier. Support can be over the phone, an in-home consult, or walking alongside you to implement a plan for better sleep for everyone.