Different types of support for your new baby

Postpartum doulas are fantastic support, but they aren't the only ones supporting families with their newborns. We have colleagues all over the US who offer different types of services in their area, although in Portland and Seattle we don't have NCS or Baby Nurses locally (yet). We have painstakingly assembled info from the 4 main industries in newborn care-giving to help parents differentiate what role might be the most appropriate for them. If you have questions, we hope that this will answer and clarify what role you are looking for.

Why is my 6 week old baby so hard?

Remember those days when your baby stopped just going to sleep after feedings and woke up only to fuss much of the time he was awake UNTIL the next feed? And all the while you were trying to figure out how to eat more than a Cliff bar and grab a shower after 3 feeds seemingly back to back? Because your partner went back to work and you were left alone with a baby who seemed way easier when Daddy (or grandma, auntie, etc) was home?

New Mom Must Haves

I used all these items during my postpartum recovery, and many, MANY of my friends did as well. We wanted each item to be useful whether a mom gives birth vaginally or has a c-section. And the totes are definitely "nursing-friendly" because in our experience most moms nurse, even if only for a bit. So we wanted to strike the balance of useful, and "you probably don't have this in your medicine cabinet." as well as some fun items just for mama to enjoy.

"My milk feels stuck and I can't get it all out."

So many moms ask us how to get ALL the milk out when they pump or nurse, especially when they are newly engorged or worried that a clogged duct is starting to form, or if they are on the edge of mastitis. Breasts are always making milk, especially in the very beginning of breastfeeding, so it might not be possible for you to 'empty' the breast. However you should be able to get relief and shouldn't be feeling uncomfortable after a feeding or pumping session.