Grown up sling

Over the years as I have snuggled so many of my clients babies in slings, pouches and wraps, I sometimes wondered if there was adult equivalent. I think I have finally found it! Last year at Costco I came across a magical chair the kids now call the swing chair, but I think of it as the sling chair. Green Mountain Hammocks makes this amazing product they call a string chair and after installing one on our deck, we had to have 2. I had to have one for me, and the kids needed one of their own. (And of course when I am not there, they each need one or the fighting is not much fun...) Even though I happen to have a sweet baby in this photo, make no mistake: although the chair is nice to hold babies in, this is much more for the adults who want a womb like experience themselves. This feels to me like being carried in a sling, supported effortlessly with just the subtle shifting of the wind or body movements keeping you moving. It even wraps around you (although not in a claustrophobic way) and supports your body out to your feet for relaxing those hardworking parenting legs after hours of walking your baby. When was a nursing mama, we had an air chair that was wonderful for coming home after work and snuggling my nursling (and admittedly I spent many early evenings catching a power nap in mine!). Green Mountain makes one of those too, as do many others online. But I haven't seen another string chair quite like this one, hence the above link for this great company. (Costco sells them for less of course, but finding them might be challenging.) So if you as a grown up have ever wanted to crawl into a sling and make the world go away, I recommend checking these out.