A preemie needs his mama

I am attending the CAPPA 2011 conference this weekend in Valencia, CA and we learned so much today about the science of attachment from Robin Grille and Laurel Wilson. (I am actually so thankful my family got to join me on this trip as I need to snuggle them every few hours after talking about bonding all day long!) I had to share this photo today because it symbolizes so much how much a mother can give. A demonstration of my new favorite sling (now called the "Second Skin Sling" www.secondskinsling.com) with a 4 lb preemie doing skin to skin care with his mama. I love the look of bliss on his face, and the obvious joy and pride the mama is illustrating as well. This work we do as childbirth and postnatal educators, doulas and other birth support workers is so precious. Investing in families when they are just beginning (or just growing!) is such a privilege. I am so grateful for the opportunity. Conference time celebrates our work in such a fun and supportive way, but tonight I am feeling very grateful for the chance to do this work. Thanks to all of you who allow me into your lives for a season. Can one do a higher work than facilitating bonding? What a joy for me to see this example of a Mother's love on a day when we heard about the value of their attachment.