Easy skin to skin wearing

For all the coming spring and summer babies (or the tiny ones already here!), I have a new product that is worth a look. One of my favorite companies Precious Image Creations has just released a new product that I LOVE. It is called the Double Sling Wrap, and it is the easiest product to use I have ever seen for holding babies skin to skin.

Breastfeed, snuggle, and keep baby close in those early weeks and months with this great new product.

The design is essentially two loops of fabric that overlap to support babies of all sizes for the first few months. You can hold baby, breastfeed comfortably with gentle support, and even pump while holding baby hands free.

This is like wearing a Moby-style stretchy wrap, but it only takes seconds to put on, and is very thin and light for those warm weather babies.
I have a sample if you want to see it demonstrated at moms group, baby care class, or a doula training. ($35; for either white or this blue color.)
These are the same people who make the Miracle Cami which also holds the baby in skin to skin position while keeping moms hands free and modestly covered. I have loved this product for a couple years, and I am so happy they added such a simple but useful addition to their babywearing line of clothing.
With the spring babies blooming all over Portland you probably know someone who would be glad they heard about this product before their baby arrives (so they can take it with them to the hospital or birth center!). Pass it on.