ABC Doula Scholarships for Training

We at ABC Doula Service offer the following scholarships for students who qualify.

Scholarship options for CLE® trainings taught by Kimberly Bepler

Women of color/People of color:

Because of the disparity in the breastfeeding education industry, WOC/POC are underrepresented and we need educators who represent the communities they serve so they can thrive as a profession that meets the needs of a diverse community of breastfeeding families. We strive to make this an affordable way to work profitably in your community and want more WOC/POC to have the opportunity to add to their education. This scholarship has no maximum amount of applicants. $150 off the total training cost

Serving underprivileged families:

If you work for an agency (such as WIC) serving a underprivileged population, and they cannot compensate you for additional education, we appreciate you valuing your education to better serve them and want to extend a discount to you so that your out of pocket expense is easier to manage. Please note your agency, your role, and the population you serve when requesting this discount. This scholarship has no maximum amount of applicants. $100 off the total training cost

Bring a friend:

If you register with a friend (and note that both of you are registering together on your registration form) you both receive $75 off. This applies to every rate including Early Bird, Standard, and Late Registration. Limited to one Bring a Friend scholarship per person. $75 off the total. $50 off the total training cost


If you are a lactation, nursing, or college student and are currently enrolled in school we want to honor this expensive process. Please let us know the program you are enrolled in on your registration form. $50-$150 off the total training cost

Host/hostess scholarship:

If a location is needed, securing a free space that accommodates the group with comfortable tables, chairs, space to move, AV equipment, nearby bathrooms, adequate parking, and some access to kitchen facilities for the 3 days needed constitutes a full scholarship for this training. Only one host can claim this scholarship, and many times this won’t be offered as the location is already secured. If you have a location that would meet our needs but requires a fee, cost will be deducted from the scholarship and the remaining amount will be applied towards your registration. This scholarship only applies to the Early Bird registration rate, as the location needs to be secured in advance. $450 off the total training cost

We respond to scholarship requests within 48 hours. Hold off registering for trainings until you’ve heard back from us.

Apply for a scholarship here

Training support:

If you want to provide snacks, manage coffee and tea, and handle all the utensils, cups, and paper goods needed, this scholarship will cover every day of training that you wish to supply these items. You can use one day for $50 off, 2 days for $100 off, or all 3 days for $150 off. Lists will be provided for snack suggestions, but we appreciate this support so much, especially bringing this training to your location.

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