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Doula Organizations

CAPPA - Certifies Birth and Postpartum Doulas, Childbirth Educators and Lactation Educators. For information about our CAPPA-approved Postpartum Doula Trainings or Certified Lactation Educator™ see our Trainings page.

ICEA - Certifies childbirth educators,and birth and postpartum doulas.

DONA - Certifies birth and postpartum doulas.


Breastfeeding Information

If we can't be there to help you in person, these are the most helpful videos and links we are aware of.

Maya Bollman's video on reducing engorgement with Russian breast massage. If all the other treatments aren't working, this one gets results and you don't need any special equipment.

This video on Hand expression from Stanford teaches you an effective way to remove milk without a pump, especially before your milk matures/"comes in."

Maximizing milk from Hands on Pumping. You can make 20-50% more milk in your pumping process with these approaches, also from Stanford. They really work!

Newman Breastfeeding Clinic - Breastfeeding how-to videos; when you need to see it and not just read about it.

Kellymom - A Great site for general info on breastfeeding; great options for every kind of situation or complication. Our go to for practical breastfeeding info.

A few of the Baby Carriers we use and love

Second Skin carrier - We demo this in many of our classes and use it regularly. Great starter carrier for around the house, breastfeeding friendly, and the easiest one to start with!

Wrapsody - The Gypsy Mama water wrap can be found here – an ABC Doula favorite! Great for warm weather, water wear, and sun protection. Similar to the Moby as a stretchy carrier, but much lighter for warm weather use.

BabyHawk - Our favorite Mei Tai maker. Very supportive carrier for those who prefer tying over buckling, and need a carrier that allows wearers of different sizes to bond with baby. Great options for all sizes of caregivers, and goes up to 50 lbs so toddlers can ride on your back while you hold baby.

Baby Boutiques

Milagros - Located in NE portland, Milagros has a knowledgeable staff that knows baby-wearing and will help you find the right carrier. They carry all our favorites!

Bella Stella - The place to go in SE Portland when you can’t figure out how to use your carrier!

Posh Baby - On the West side, it is harder to find baby stores that know their stuff. These guys can tell you all about their handpicked products, help you install your car seat, and have loads of strollers to try before you buy.

Piccolina - Our favorite consignment store that regularly has ABC Doula favorites, including the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Sling.


Our photographers - Francisco Salgado and Kim Campbell with Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon.

Our photographers - Francisco Salgado and Kim Campbell with Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon.


Campbell Salgado Studio

Over the years a lot of people have commented on our photos.  We are not photographers, but we have some great friends that are! Campbell Salgado Studio in SE Portland is home to our friends photographer, Kim Campbell and Portland Realtor®, Francisco Salgado. After seeing their stunning work on several of our clients' walls, we called to ask them for some more info we could share with our clients. They invited us over and a friendship was born. They have been our photographers of choice ever since, photographing our family and our staff for the past twelve years.  We highly recommend them for Portland area families - whether you are wanting to capture maternity photography, newborn or baby photography, or a configuration of lively family members for family photos (they always make our children look like angels!).

This is the only studio we trust to care for our clients – exceptional quality every time. Their photography is featured all over this site too! Our clients receive a special discount on their sitting fee of $50 off too - for more information visit their site here.