Recipe twist

So remember the winning shredded chicken? Just did a new thing that was super easy and so good I had to re-feature this and share the twist. This takes an additional 5 minutes to open the cans and add them to the slow cooker...but an amazing dish for 10 total minutes of prep!

Shredded Chicken Chili

Take the shredded chicken you made in the slow cooker this week and add:

1 qt chicken broth (I like Pacific Foods; a local company)

1 can beans (rinsed)--we used black but white is more traditional

1 can diced tomatoes (plain or Mexican flavored)

1 sm can chopped green chilies

Optional: Avocado, shredded cheese, or sour cream for topping.

I also like a little chopped cilantro for garnish, but that is just me (literally; the family WILL NOT  eat cilantro...yet).

We served it with corn bread (a mix, super easy) and crumbled it in our chili. It was fantastic.

Just thought that it would be nice to have one more things to do with that fabulous chicken...since it has likely become a staple at your house too.