Homemade Baby Wipes

After teaching my ABC's of Natural Baby Care class this weekend, I realized I haven't put the homemade baby wipe recipe on the blog yet and thought some of you might be interested. Commercial wipes are fine of course, and most babies do fine with them. However if you need to solve a continuing diaper rash problem, or you are trying to save a few bucks, making them at home is very simple. Obviously you can use anything to wipe tiny bottoms, and a plain paper towel with water also works well. This is just one way to make these, and a simple way to make a bunch at once.

Easy Baby Wipes

1  3 quart re-useable plastic tub (cylinder shaped)

1 roll Bounty Select A size paper towels

3  T olive oil or baby oil (finally a use for that stuff!)

1 T baby bath (or any baby-safe liquid soap)

2 c. warm water

Cut paper towel roll in half (an electric knife works great for this, but if not a serrated knife works too). Remove the cardboard tube.

Mix the liquids and pour over the towels. Let sit a few minutes.

Pull wipes from the center. Keep lid on most of the time, but don't leave unattended for too many days; they can mold a bit if not refreshed or aired out.

I have seen many versions of these over the years, so feel free to vary it with your preferences. Some families keep a roll in the car for on the go cleanup, and another at home (or one on each floor of the house).

I even suggest washing these a time or two (with your diapers) to see how long they hold up (and then reuse them again if you can!). Different paper towels work differently, so you can experiment with brands as well.

You can also use the solution over cloth wipes, and use an old plastic wipe container, as I have seen many families recycle them this way.

Any other ideas? Send 'em my way...