Just heard....it might not be yeast.

Today I attended a breastfeeding conference put on by the beloved Molly Pessl. I learned so much, as I usually do at her workshops, but today I wanted to share one particular truth that might be helpful to some of you. Molly reported that according to one study, up to 62% of moms who thought they were dealing with a yeast infection in their nipples or breasts, actually had staph infection. Shocking, but evidently true.

So if you are one of those that has treated your 'yeast' and it isn't going away, consider treating for something different. I am not sure if going to your OB, your LC, the baby's Pediatrician, or a dermatologist would be the recommended route, but I would certainly check with your practitioner to see if there is a way to consider this as you solve this often painful and irritating problem.

And if you want to learn from Molly, there are still spots open for tomorrow's conference at OHSU! Use this link to register for this inexpensive (yet valuable!) offering.


The conference is free to OHSU employees and very low cost to anyone else ($50 or less) and there is space tomorrow. Last minute sign ups welcomed.

And remember to use your CSI skills if you are having a hard to solve breastfeeding problem. There are usually clues there, but sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious. Don't be afraid to be persistent until you find the answer you need. Many moms have found that traditional treatments don't work to solve their problem, and that they had to advocate for themselves to find their solution. Be one of them (if needed!).