Finally Loving Yourself

Have I told you how much I love the FLY Lady? She doesn't have anything to do with flies, she just goes by that name online. It stands for Finally Loving Yourself, and she runs a website that many of my mamas love.

Here is a bit from her site:

Do you feel overwhelmed, overextended, and overdrawn? Hopeless and you don't know where to start? Don't worry friend, we've been there, too...

The moms in moms group tell me that with gentle words, she encourages mamas to get just a bit done at at time to chip away at the chaos that can become our stay at home lives sometimes. Now some of you are so organized, you would never need encouragement...but then there are the rest of us.

When you have worked outside the home all your adult  life, and don't know what 3 months off for maternity leave will feel like, you usually can't imagine even the absence of your job very well, let alone life with a baby. If you have made the decision to quit your job and stay at home full time, the transition can even be bigger, and the loss of identity can seem huge.

Enter the FLY Lady. She takes you from doing a sink shine at night so a clean sink greets you in the morning, to getting yourself dressed to your shoes (hair and makeup included) before you start your day AT HOME. Yep, truly. She has you dressing for your day because it makes you feel better about YOU. And the mamas say it works.

Now I am not one who usually gets excited about housecleaning. But I am one that knows when you are missing the lovely structure of a working life while deciding to be at home with your little one(s), adding in a bit of structure can make you feel a little less overwhelmed. Try it. And then tell me what you think of the FLY Lady.