Support after baby comes

What to expect

As postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists, our first priority is to insure that the new mother is rested and relaxed, and to assist parents with breast or bottle feeding and nurturing their baby or twins/triplets. We bring lots of love to the new family, and try to lighten the load that new parents inevitably feel. ABC postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists are experienced with multiples, preemies and high needs babies so we can help your family get off to a great start whatever your unique situation might be. The services we provide will vary from client to client, but typical postpartum services include:

  • Breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, and pumping support and instruction

  • Day and Overnight Care

  • Baby soothing expertise

  • Newborn care instruction

  • Meal preparation

  • Baby equipment recommendations

  • Referrals to local resources and services

Have more questions about postpartum doulas or our service specifically?

See our FAQ page that might have the answers!

After Baby Comes Packages

If you aren’t sure how much postpartum care you will need, or would like a better idea of what a postpartum care plan might look like, visit our Postpartum Care Packages Page. We have based our packages on the real-life experiences of hundreds of families we have served over the past 18 years. These packages are not intended to lock you into a schedule but to give you an idea of the type and amount of postpartum care other Portland area families have needed in order to help you decide on how much care will work best for you. 

ABC Doula Service baby in doula's arms.


ABC Doula & Newborn Care services are billed on an hourly basis with a 3 or 4 hour minimum for day shifts and an 8 hour minimum for overnight shifts. Scheduling is done on a first-come, first-served basis, and rates are prorated based on hours pre-purchased. Advanced scheduling and booking is recommended—especially during spring and summer! Contact us for specific rate information.

Because no two families’ postpartum needs are exactly alike, hours can vary greatly from client to client. Ultimately it is the needs of the family that will determine what type of care is needed and for how long. We will adapt both the type and amount of services we provide to meet your unique postpartum needs.

We customize the plan for each family, however we like to get a sense of what you might need in order to find the perfect doula for your needs. One of the benefits to having such a large team is having coverage for unexpected needs that come up for families. When things don’t go as planned, we can be there to support you in a larger or more comprehensive way.

If you are planning for a baby and want to reserve a doula in advance, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch quickly to let you know what is open around your due date.