Postpartum Doula, newborn care specialist, and Caregiver

Dawn is a mother of 2, a caregiver, and a nurturer at heart. Her bestie Suzanne has worked for ABC for over a decade, and persuaded her to make a profession of caring for babies and families, and we have been so happy to welcome her into our team of nurturing doulas serving families overnight.

Dawn loves to nurture those who are vulnerable and is a caregiver through and through with a gentle touch with newborns and their very tired parents! She has a special talent for knowing when to listen and when to speak, and overnights are a perfect place for her to allow parents the space to both vent and rest, with just the right amount of input and reassurance.

Dawn is also a brand new grandma! Just this year she welcomed her first grandchild and has been wrapping her heart around a new baby in the family the past several months. It has also brought her attention to the pressure that new parents feel with the addition of a new baby, and influenced her desire to serve families as they struggle through those challenging first few months.

Dawn has a varied background included supporting the vulnerable (and anxious!) in every aspect of dentistry as a dental and ortho assistant. For the past 9 years she has worked in a social worker capacity at a non-profit supporting elderly and medically fragile populations. She has also worked several years as an instructional aide in a special needs classroom, and has a disabled child of her own that she has been a caregiver for over 19 years now. Moving into the baby world has married all of Dawn’s talents for supporting vulnerable people, filling the gaps of care when parents need help, and getting to love on babies while parents rest up and recover after welcoming a new baby or two.

Living in SW WA allows Dawn the opportunity to serve our families in Vancouver, and as far north as Woodland, WA. She also serves NW and NE Portland, and enjoys working with twins as well as families welcoming a sibling, as she has a heart for all ages of little ones.

Dawn has experience with premature babies, colicky infants, and special needs babies (including her own disabled daughter). Although small in stature, Dawn is giant-hearted in providing comfort and support. She loves to do special things for her clients every day to help make this time celebrated and memorable, and loves to cook when she has the chance between baby care, laundry, and nursery organization. Her specialties including cookies and banana bread, and she makes a great omelette.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and grown kids —and of course her new grand baby. Dawn loves helping things grow in her garden and watching movies with the family. Getting to travel with her husband is her favorite thing, and Maui is their current favorite spot to sneak away to. You will enjoy her laid back approach in your home, as well as her unassuming presence. You can be yourself with Dawn; she loves and cares unconditionally.

Suzanne and Dawn often have the joy of supporting families together, as they communicate especially well and are able to provide doula care to families with very smooth transitions between caregivers. It helps to share your passion for baby with your best friend, and we are so grateful Suzanne was able to talk Dawn into joining our team!