Different types of support for your new baby

Confused about who to hire to support you during the newborn phase?

Postpartum doulas are fantastic support, but they aren't the only ones supporting families with their newborns. We have colleagues all over the US who offer different types of services in their area, although in Portland and Seattle we don't have NCS or Baby Nurses locally (yet). We have painstakingly assembled info from the 4 main industries in newborn care-giving to help parents differentiate what role might be the most appropriate for them. If you have questions, we hope that this will answer and clarify what role you are looking for.

Please feel free to share wherever you think it would be helpful for parents to find the right caregiver for their family. Although confusing, knowing the education leveland price point of a nanny, baby nurse, NCS and postpartum doula can be a huge help in parents trying to budget for and choose a caregiver. Whether they need help learning breastfeeding, need someone skilled in problem solving newborn struggles, or just need more sleep, there are excellent caregivers available that can support families all over the US.

You will also find that some caregivers combine roles and wear many different hats. These hybrids offer families many different services and can blur the lines a bit, but often are highly qualified in many different arenas, so would be a great addition to your family. Although not always an indication of quality, training and experience do tend to mark professionalism and often skills as well, so we recommend that families do their research and at least have a sense of what type of caregiver they are looking for so they can check their educational background. The more qualifications, the more likely the caregiver will be able to answer their questions and adapt to each family's own unique needs.

(This is a high res png file, so feel free to share, just please include the credit/source at the bottom.)