New Mom Must Haves

In the interest of caring for postpartum moms especially after birth, Kimberly Bepler shares an interview with Ari Diaz of Mommy Concierge featuring the New Mommy Care Packages, designed to support recovery for brand new moms.  

Package of care products for brand new moms sent right to a new mom's door.

Package of care products for brand new moms sent right to a new mom's door.

Why did you start your New Mommy business?

I started the business after having my second child. A great friend of mine and I had the idea to create care packages for new moms over 2 years ago. We gave the Mama Must Haves care package to close friends and co-workers and everyone loved it. So finally, about three months ago, I just thought, I'm going to buy enough products to make 10 and sell them…and they sold! People have really responded to the care packages and truly it feels so great to know other moms are going to get these care packages after they deliver.

Why these particular items?

I used all these items during my postpartum recovery, and many, MANY of my friends did as well. We wanted each item to be useful whether a mom gives birth vaginally or has a c-section. And the totes are definitely "nursing-friendly" because in our experience most moms nurse, even if only for a bit. So we wanted to strike the balance of useful, and "you probably don't have this in your medicine cabinet." as well as some fun items just for mama to enjoy.

For example-- pads. Most women bleed after delivery (even with a c-section) but many women who are raising kids don't have pads, they have tampons or use a menstrual cup. So pads aren't typically found in the medicine cabinet in our bathrooms. The pads in the tote are for heavy flow and have wings for extra coverage--something moms are grateful for after delivery.

Also-- hemorrhoid wipes. I didn't even KNOW I could get hemorrhoids from delivering a baby. NO ONE told me that!! So to have these on hand are just great and super useful. And if you don't get hemorrhoids they are great for soothing and cooling down below.

We included handmade nursing pads- these are so soft, and great because you can wash them and reuse them. Perfect to wear at night, especially in the beginning when most women are still leaking some breast milk.

Nipple cream- for many moms this is a "must have" if you are nursing, especially if you just had your first child. We found that you don't need much to get you through the first patch of time while your nipples are adjusting to your babies suction, so a few sample packs go a long way.

Summers eve wipes-  when you are wearing pads 24/7 and barely have time to take a shower, these wipes are a great way to feel "fresh" without the hassle.

Mothers milk tea- these are great to boost milk supply, or honestly just to relax. Make sure you prepare it medicinally for the best benefits.

The "just for fun" items to make mom feel special are chocolate and organic lip balm. What new mom doesn't need another lip balm?!? And the chocolate? You'll have plenty of time to get back to your pre-baby weight. There is no rush and you should enjoy some treats.

What was your experience postpartum?

A basket of support items for new mothers after giving birth. These are the products your friends will recommend.

A basket of support items for new mothers after giving birth. These are the products your friends will recommend.

A big reason I created Mama Must Haves was because of my experiences postpartum. With my first, I was such a happy, healthy pregnant lady that honestly I didn't think a lot about my time after delivery. So right after I gave birth to my son, I was pretty shaken-up. I remember going to Target the day we got home from the hospital to stock up on supplies (basically what is now in the care packages) and coming home feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, tired, scared and sore. I truly want no other mom to go through what I went through walking around Target that day! With my second son, I was more prepared, but it was still so tough to fully recover and take time for myself because I was trying to keep up with a toddler!

What is your one wish for a new mom?

Know that every woman experiences motherhood differently, and your experience and reality is valid, beautiful, and OK, and we support you no matter what! Whether you loved being pregnant, or hated it, whether your birth was complicated or easy-peasy, whether you breast-feed or formula feed, whether you recover quickly after birth or take months, we support you. Motherhood is tough and I want other moms to know that there are so many people who are lining up to support her. A Mama Must Haves care package is just my way of showing her that I support her.

If you are interested in Mama Must-Haves for yourself or a mom-to-be, find Ari on Facebook at or call (602) 571-0988. Each care package is $18 plus shipping and handling, and we ship anywhere within two days of purchase. All the items are beautifully wrapped and packaged in a reusable plastic tote, with a supportive note of for the new mama.

Phoenix mom snuggles her newborn baby boy
Phoenix mom snuggles her newborn baby boy

Ari Diaz is the founder of Mom Concierge, LLC, a business designed to support women during their postpartum recovery by offering personal assistant services, postnatal in-home massage including childcare, and individualized lists of referrals for the new mom. Once calling Ohio, Montana, Oregon and Nevada home, she has settled in Phoenix and lovingly lives with her husband, Vic, and two boys, Benny (3 years) and Sam (7 months).  She’s a firm believer in, “While mama takes care of baby, someone takes care of mama.”

Kimberly Bepler is a postpartum doula that believes just that and has a team of doulas in Portland, Oregon able to help! Give ABC Doula Service a call or check out our site at to see if we can help you.