Uncover the beauty in your life!

It is really a welcome sight to see water in the desert. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy even a glimpse of an irrigation gulch until we moved. My eyes seize upon any sliver of water sparkling in the heat. It soothes my soul. Growing up near the water may have put that in me…or maybe it is universal. We have spent this past year in sunny Arizona on sabbatical from working with clients (but still running the business and returning to PDX frequently) and we happened to find a very affordable house with a pool and green grass, palms, and a large green hedge. When I look in my backyard, I see green and water. Not exactly like growing up on Whidbey Island, but at least some sparkle, some shimmery green, and it looks like LIFE.

Lately we have been trying to warm up the pool water so we can swim, so we put on a solar cover. It is very effective actually, and had us swimming in April a bit. Now that it is May and the temps are pretty toasty day and night, I am itching to ditch the cover. So we pulled it off this week and…voila! Soul soothing is back.

I didn’t realize that for the past month I have been looking at a blue pool cover and a pool that needed to be cleaned instead of my sparkling yard with LIFE. I knew we needed to have the cover on so we could get the water temp up (pool is unheated) but I just didn’t realize what impact it was having on my soul.

Once we removed it a tiny weight was lifted off my heart. I look out now and see the sparkle, the water, the green of the pool mixed with the greenery around. Aaaaah…

It made me think about how we put very practical "pool covers" on many things. We cover up life and beauty because we need to accomplish goals. And sometimes we have to.

But what are the other ‘pool covers’ that don’t need to be there? What is holding you back from the little moments of life and beauty in your day? What are the little pieces of soul soothing that you didn’t know you were relying on?

Today I encourage you to take off the pool cover. Improve your view. Change your outlook, even ever so slightly, so that you can include the beauty that is around you.

I don’t know what it is for you, but I know what works for many women.


Clean off your counters.

Point your chair towards the window vs. into the room that might not be decorated the way you want.

Add curtains.

Put a beautiful piece of art on your wall.

Frame a photo of your family.

Pick flowers from your yard and take a moment to appreciate them.

Read beautiful poetry or prose.

Take a minute to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Even if you have to uncover it.

If you don't already have them to look at, get professional photos of your family in whatever stage you are in (don’t wait to “look better”). They always make you feel more beautiful. And is much better than looking in the mirror sometimes.

You are worth a moment of uncovering beauty. Take a minute and fold up that old pool cover and take in the view.

Night lighting in an oasis pool
Night lighting in an oasis pool