10 things I learned from my social media guru

A postpartum doula finds support from an SEO expert for her business.
A postpartum doula finds support from an SEO expert for her business.

A great move I recently made was to hire someone to help me navigate the muddy waters of web organization and social media management for our thriving business. Yes, we are doing well, but aren't we all about efficiency? We can teach you how to care for your baby efficiently, and my web guru can teach me how to go about SEO efficiently as well. (Hiring info is at the end...hold on and see why you might want to consider hiring her too!)

  1. Make your business steps clear to your site visitors! Don’t make them wonder what to do next.
  1. Use the navigation bar to lead people through your site highlighting what they want to see…not just the way you see but the way they might be thinking as they surf. It matters that things flow and they KNOW how to get started. (We even created a Get Started page!)
  1. Go mobile friendly! Not only does this affect your web ranking, but it is so much easier for those who do most of their business on their phone or tablet (which is a LOT of people).
  1. Make your forms easy to access for everyone, mobile friendly, and with clear drop down menus that are meaningful to your clients; NOT JUST TO YOU.
  1. Update your blog regularly. You have great stuff to share. Share it and make it irresistible!
  1. Use photos on your blog wisely. Title them including some key words, use the alt text box, and caption cutely.
  1. Use your title image with the blog title imbedded in it. If people share your blog, they know immediately what the blog is about. Every time that image is used, your text will go along too!
  1. Don’t link social media accounts that access different audiences in different formats. It just really doesn’t work that way.
  1. Don’t be afraid to share your videos on Facebook! FB is happily pushing those out to everyone right now and you have a chance to make a huge impact with your info. Make it helpful (and for me, include cute babies) to increase the reach. Mine went through the roof (reach of 70K) after posting a baby bath clip!
  1. Don’t be afraid to highlight your offerings. It is not tooting your own horn to let clients know how you can help them and what results are typical with your services. Then when you get the chance to serve them you can out-perform even your own expectations—which feels pretty awesome!

Thank you to Gwen Montoya of Montoya Digital Marketing for whipping my business and social media pages into shape. If you want to work with Gwen and have her awesome help customized to your business, find her at http://www.gwenmontoya.com/.