Want more milk? Placenta anyone?

Yep, I said it again. Placenta. I am getting more used to using that word all the time. And this week I learned something I didn't know (but should have).In my quest to help mothers meet their breastfeeding goals, I am asked weekly if not daily how to make more milk. I also recently trained a new bunch of doulas and had 2 women present who were encapsulation specialists. That means they dehydrate placenta, pulverize it, and put the powder into capsules for women to ingest over the first several weeks after they deliver.

These pack some power...your own hormones and blood supply--and it is some serious recycling!

And surprise! Women who consume placenta make more milk. It is one of the few benefits we have decent research for (although more is being studied and research is coming) regarding placenta medicine. I am not going to get into the whys on placenta eating. It does have the ability to turn some folks off. But I also don't think it is fair to not inform everyone I know who is worried about their milk supply that this might be a solution. And a good one.

For some of our clients who anticipate low milk supply, this is worth considering. It isn't expensive (about $200 for someone to pick it up, encapsulate it, and deliver it to you) but it might be a really good investment. With all the pressure to breastfeed, and the disappointment that sometimes follows (especially for some of our most fertility-challenged mamas) I think it should at least be mentioned.

Love to hear from some placenta eating (ok, pill swallowing) converts.