A Very Green Christmas

Every year I breathe a sigh of relief that one thing I never need to buy is Christmas wrapping. Years ago I stocked up holiday fabric in various sizes, and each year I just pull them out, tie them on and I am finished in no time. Then we moved to Portland and the green revolution got even stronger. Like some old hippie who has been composting for decades, I just have to say I was doing it before it was cool. And perhaps it is still not cool, but it is green, it is cheap, and personally I think they turn out beautifully. I save on paper, bows, ribbons, and tape! So if you are thinking you might like to start your own fabric wrapping tradition, consider visiting the after Christmas sales at fabric stores. Buy about a yard or 2 (you can even use pinking shears if you care about the edges--I don't and I didn't). A square shape is easier to use, so buying the same length as the width makes sense,but remnants work well too.

While researching the web looking for photos, I came across several sites featuring Furoshiki, a ancient Japanese technique for wrapping things in fabric or scarves (a great video for this technique is here). I showed the moms group this week how to make a purse (very cool) out of a square of fabric, and then showed how I wrapped up all my Christmas gifts. Very easy, but worth sharing I think, for the cost sharing and reducing, reusing, and recycling!

Thi is a closer version, just imagine holiday fabric!

I promise to be back to posting about newborns and their families soon, just had to share this seasonal tip for green holiday wrapping. Hope this was a good idea for someone...