Sophie the Giraffe

You are looking at the most popular toy I have ever witnessed. More families have this cute little giraffe than any other child plaything I have seen in the past 10 years of working with new families.

Moms swear that their kids like Sophie better than their other toys. I have seen babies and toddlers chewing on sweet Sophie for far longer than most toys will keep their attention. I have even seen moms RUN to the store when their Sophie gets left behind at at play date.

One mom told me that her baby dropped Sophie on a stroller walk, and a car ran over it before she could go back for it. They bought another one that day.

Another mom reminded everyone at mom's group to label their Sophie, as older kids will come by and swipe her at play dates if they aren't labeled! (Yes, go get your Sharpie right now!)

I think she is cute. She obviously thrills little mouths, as babies can teethe on her for days. (My theory is the nipple-like projections on her head, but everyone has a different theory.)

Sophie even has her own FB page, and she has almost 3000 fans!!/sophiethegiraffe

So if you haven't seen the latest toy craze all over town already, I just thought you might want to know!

PS for Portland families: This weekend you can get a Sophie for only $14 (regular price $22). Mother Nature's Baby Store has just opened a new store and they are having their grand opening celebration this Saturday Nov 6. They will only be sold at the price to the first 50, and then they will be done (one per customer).