Skin Deep...

Facebook just inspired me to share yet another great resource for parents and parents to be who are purchasing skin care products for their families.

 Parents often ask about products and what to use on their babies. This site has the most up to date information on skin care products that I have seen. It is science based and not funded by large companies that sell millions of baby skin care products.  The Environmental Working Group does the research and the findings are presented in an easy to find way.

This site was recommended by my educator friends over at Head Over Heels Birth Education( who are fellow ICEA certified educators, and they know their stuff! (If you are looking for childbirth education that is also free of large corporate funding, you might just enjoy these lovely ladies.)

I hope that next time you are wondering about a product to use on sweet, sensitive new skin you will check out the site. (After you ask your mama friends, and listen to your gut, that is...)