My squirmy family

Had a great time at our photo shoot from our friends at Campbell Salgado Studio this summer. Never sure how they get our squirmy family to all look good at once, but the magic never fails.

I just have to share what a wonderful experience it is to be photographed by such talented and creative people, who strive to keep you relaxed and natural the whole time. We have had the experience of going to many different photo studios before we found them, and I can tell you that not only were the results not that fantastic, but the process was completely stressful for me and ended up with me either threatening or rewarding the kids just to get it done. *Try not to judge my parenting techniques; parenting my 2  is far harder than managing my friend's 4 children all at once (we do it regularly)!

Once we arrived, the calm began. Kim helped us pick out clothes, found complementary styles to keep the family image harmonious, as well as colors that worked with their different background options outside. She calmly had the kids searching for small 'treasure hunt' finds in between shots and set changes. She even chased our new puppy to make sure she was included in some of our family shots.

I thought you might want to see some of our favorite choices, since you won't be able to see them on my walls (although if you are in town, please feel free to stop by and see the mini gallery we are working on!).

If you know me, you know that I love babies and families, and pictures of my favorite things warm my heart to no end (I admit I look at photos an awful lot...they make me so happy!). I haven't found any place that offers either a better experience or better final images than working with Campbell Salgago Studio. So if you need a photographer for your squirmy family, give them a try!