getting away from it all...

I have neglected my blog, I agree...and I am sorry. But the past week has been a reconnection with family, and a little bit of time enjoying some peaceful time outside camping with the kids. Thought you might want to enjoy the view from our campground.

 My grandma lived across from this campground when I was young, back when my grandpa was alive and they would have us over to ride horses and play in the sandbox. I had seen this pond years ago and the memory was still there as we pulled up into the Lyden KOA this past weekend.

Don't know if you can tell this about me, but I am Dutch. At least half, anyway. My dad came from this quaint town where the lawns are edged and trim and GREEN. And perfect (well, most of them). And that is how they take care of their things. And their parks. This was no exception.

I mention this because even though this sight was not new, it hadn't changed much since I saw it as a child. It was such a peaceful thing to behold as we stepped back in time, and the kids rode the paddle boats without any requests to watch TV or 'play computer' that we routinely get at home. They were engaged in their boating adventure, even on this tiny pond on the outskirts of a charming Dutch town.

I just read an article about how catching up on sleep on the weekends can ease your lack of sleep during the work week and bring you health and mental clarity. (

It affirmed my belief that a sabbath rest is really a good thing (although sabbath days differ for different families) and a trip that is sabbath to regular working life can do some of the same good for health and mental clarity.

Watching my kids enjoy being outside for days on end, enjoy simplicities like paddle boating and flashlight tag, and the simply joy of shared company was really refreshing.  So....all that to say, I skipped doing the blog this past week!

Sorry, babies were actually not on my mind for a time (a short time) but they will be back on center stage going forward Monday morning. And the commute begins...