Details on the milk drive...

I have had several questions this evening on the process of donating milk for the milk drive on Aug 3. Here are some details on this process: The milk drive's goal is to collect as much milk as possible to stock up the milk bank in Denver, where we get our donor breastmilk from for much of the state of Oregon (especially St Vincent and Emanuel, big users of paseurized breastmilk!).

The donors have to be prescreened by Denver before being scheduled to donate, and you can contact them at

You need a min of 100 oz to be able to donate, as the screening process takes a bit of time and energy for the milk bank to process each donor. The first donation we schedule so you can get a blood draw, and then we ship your milk along with it. After that donating is as easy as setting up a time to drive by and drop it off. We do the rest.

We still have room in the drive for more donors, so if you are interested and have an excess of milk, get the plan in motion.

Let me know if you have any questions. I have more info on my FB page as well (look for ABC Doula Service).

Love to have you be a part of  our celebration day! Liz and baby Finnely are the inspiration for the drive this year, as mama Liz wants to make sure the bank is stocked up in case she needs to rely on donor milk for her upcoming baby's potential separation and possibly surgery. We are super excited to be part of things!