Happiness in a $3 bag

Driving back from a recent road trip we passed a small farmers market. Stop for something homemade? You bet.After a 5 min stop (kids in the car, happy with their technology for the moment-we took turns so the kids had an adult with them even though we parked only feet from the booth) we returned with bakery items in hand. Almond croissant for him and blueberry Danish for me, handmade at a local bakery with all natural ingredients and egg and butter glazed to perfection! A brown paper bag that held many moments of happiness for us, and it was just sitting there in the corner farmers market. No lines, just us and the baker telling us about the goodness baked inside. Just makes you thankful for the people who make the food we enjoy. Bakers get up at the crack of dawn to start work so the markets can be stocked with their wares. And all we had to do was trade a couple bucks for their goodness. Makes me thankful. I know I normally write about moms and babies, but I do think slowing down to enjoy the simple things in life is a good practice in parenting. Today we had one of those moments.