Diaper Rash tip of the week

Hanging out this summer with so many babies who are experiencing diaper rash in this heat made me realize a helpful but little known tip. If you have treated your baby with traditional rash creams and they are still showing a very red rash, consider a fungal infection such as yeast. One rule of thumb to use: if it crosses the crease, it is probably yeast. (Meaning the crease in the groin, those folds you have to continually clean during diaper changes.)Treating babies bum with an over the counter anti fungal cream is usually appropriate as well as effective. Of course you always want to check wih your Pediatrician if you have any question about your baby's skin, especially if it is broken or bleeding. This is just a way that helps me to remember to treat for fungal infections as well as doing my favorite "sun on the bum" routine for curing diaper rash (saving that one for another blog!).