Had an idea...while making apple crisp

I don't know about you, but some of my best ideas come while I am cooking. I was making apple crisp recently (you know, the healthy kind with lots of oatmeal, flax seed, and chopped almonds so that it actually feels more like breakfast and less like dessert? that kind) and I had an idea. I think someone in Portland should open a restaurant for breastfeeding moms. Not just somewhere that you can breastfeed freely, since we are already so free about it that I think our city sign should read, "Welcome to Portland, Breastfeeding Welcome Here." I am talking a place that FEEDS the breastfeeding mother. Breastfeeding friendly foods...like foods that make MORE MILK. What do you think?

We could come up with a potential menu based on lactogenic (yep, a real word) foods in some wonderful combinations. Foods that your doula probably already makes you, or things that just take too much time to prepare at home when you are busy mothering and breastfeeding.

I ran this idea by a mother of 3 (twins and a toddler) tonight and she recommended adding breastfeeding pillows (the wipe-able kind) as a nice feature as well. Love that! Nice high booths that gave you some sense of privacy would be wonderful too, for those new to breastfeeding or particularly modest.

Anyone want to conquer this? I think that if we can support a breastfeeding spa (check out www.zenana-spa.com if you don't know what I mean) then PDX could have a restaurant that supports the breastfeeding mother's diet.

I am happy to provide the ideas, but putting them into action is a completely different thing...SO, who wants to start a new restaurant?