After several years of folks encouraging me to start a blog, I am finally posting my first official blog entry. As I type these words, I have twins asleep in the sling (beautiful babies!), the bottles are washed and pump parts are ready for the resting mama when she wakes, and I am contemplating what I will cook for breakfast so this busy mother of 3 can have a happy day mothering her children. This is a good snapshot of where I am coming from and you are sure to get more of this if you decide to follow ABC or check in here now and then. One of my goals for this blog is to get local (and national) resources into the hands of mamas (not just to post news about babies.) My job really revolves around caring for mothers, supporting their relationship with their partner and kids (especially babies--definitely my specialty). I will certainly be featuring info for other doulas as well, and national news that affects moms and babies will get some play. I will probably also feature stories from client families (with permssion) and juicy bits of doula wisdom (probably gleaned from someone else!) along the way.

I welcome your comments, and look forward to the connections that this venue provides. Being, as I am, surrounded with babies and new motherhood, I am struck by how often my job is simply to connect people to other people...the right people at the right time. I believe much of my job is not about who I am, but just being a conduit for people to connect to others when there are great things to share. I hope you will be a part of that. Kimberly