Certified Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator, Certified, PMD, Multiples Specialist, newborn care specialist, Babywearing Educator

One of our resident ‘Grandma Doulas,’ Terrie came to us many years ago as a retired Art Therapist, Red Cross Volunteer, and cooking instructor with a particular interest in lactogenic meals (those that promote breastmilk production).

Having raised her three children, and with her grandchildren now in their teens, Terrie was ready to get back to infants in her role as postpartum doula and overnight doula extraordinaire.

Terrie has cared for twins and singletons, single moms, moms with postpartum mood disorders, and has made many a tasty meal for some of our most tired and hungry families! Terrie specializes in cooking for special dietary needs and nurturing through both newborn care and meal prep. She is currently writing a cookbook for moms including special recipes for building up milk supply.

Terrie offers daytime visits to nurture and support new mothers after difficult births or with premature babies. Her specialties are comfort measures and educating new parents during the first 6 weeks and she can also provide longer overnight shifts (up to 12 hours) as needed. Terrie’s passion surrounds supporting breastfeeding families with nutrition, and looks to the wisdom of many cultures to support healing, recovery, and good milk production.

Terrie has invested in education surrounding new families, and is a life long learner. She is a wealth of information and can answer every question that comes up about newborns and their needs. She also strongly supports safe sleep, optimal positioning on babywearing, and following AAP guidelines for infant safety.

Her calm and attentive nature allows her to quietly listen to new families so she can anticipate and meet their needs while new parents rest and recuperate. We are thankful to have her bringing together her years of experience in many fields to serve our families.