ABC Postpartum Doulas: Suzy


Suzy offers the wealth of knowledge that comes from raising three children and being a very involved grandma. Her first grandchild (a preemie) arrived 8 years ago, with 6 more following since then, so she is surrounded by babies both in her work and personal life.

Suzy’s experience includes work as a home-care provider and then moved into postpartum doula work. She is certified through Birthingway Midwifery College. Suzy brings a quiet warmth to the new family as she eases recovery, helps establish breast or bottle feeding, and helps get new families set up and organized.

She is especially nurturing with practical needs; making food, organizing baby and home spaces, and caring for pets as all the members of the family adjust to having a tiny baby at home. Her delight in working with siblings makes her a natural fit for families adding baby number two (or three or four...).

In addition to her many talents nurturing a new mom, Suzy is a dog lover, and also wonderful with cats and other furry friends. Suzy truly has the heart for the original doula mission to “mother the mother” and it can be seen in everything she does.

She provides day service only--and only when her grand kids don't reserve her time first!--so we are thankful for the hours that she is able to serve our client families. (She is pictured here with very well-fed grandchild #2.)