Patrice 2


Postpartum Doula, newborn care specialist

We are so happy that Patrice heard our call for more Grandma Doulas, and answered it knowing she has a lot of wisdom to share! Patrice is a grandmother of 2, and mother to our doula Camille, so she is familiar with the doula life and how to support families with gentleness and comfort.

After teaching Special Education for 30 years in Hillsboro Public Schools, Patrice was able to retire with her journalist husband to enjoy her family. Now that her grandbabies are growing up and have moved to Seattle, she has some grandma goodness to share with our Portland metro families.

Patrice is available to serve our families on the far west side (especially Hillsboro, Aloha and Beaverton) and can serve flexibly in the day time hours. Caring for new families is her joy, and she provides willing arms to give tired new moms a break, as well as knowing her way around a kitchen.

Ask her to put together a “new mama plate” and if you get a chance don’t let her go without making you some oven fried chicken or butterscotch brownies (her specialties).

Patrice brings her calm and gentle nature, along with years of parenting and grandparenting wisdom, to support the transition for families. She has long been able to manage the needs of different kids, different grandkids, and an ever changing culture around her, and she is one adaptive doula.

If you are a transplant to Portland and lacking that grandmother's touch in your new parenting life, we have the sweetest, judgment-free one ready for you!