Kimberly Bepler, ABC Doula Service, Portland, OR


Postpartum Doula/Trainer, Lactation Consultant, New Parent Educator/trainer, Lactation Educator/trainer, newborn care Specialist, ibclc

Hi and welcome to our doula service! As the owner and founder of ABC Doula & Newborn Care, I have worked extensively with families providing doula and newborn support, as well as lactation support for the past 18 years, and I run the day to day operations including answering the phone and email requests. Because I want as many families served as possible in our area, I also train doulas and educators both in Portland and all around the Northwest.

I have been working with postpartum families since I had my first child in 2000, and I have always had a passion for newborns and their families, particularly in the early transition to newborn twins. My first overnight job was with a set of 4 lb triplets, which set me off on an adventure to help families with multiples, and I had no idea it would shape my journey so much, but it birthed in my heart the desire to work extensively with these families. At this point I have supported over 700 sets of twins, and taught hundreds more in my Twins and More classes at the hospital and privately in homes.

I became a Certified Postpartum Doula in 2002 and CAPPA Faculty Postpartum Doula Trainer in 2004. I also began teaching classes in 2004 for Providence Health System, and have been teaching there for 15 years now. Due to my love of equipping new parents for their new adventures, I founded the New Parent Educator Course in 2017 (co-written with Laura Nance) and now I travel around the country training educators to teach new and expectant parent classes.

Because I loved supporting breastfeeding families as a doula, I become a Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2011 to further my expertise in supporting the process of lactation. I also became a Certified Lactation Educator™ to help teach dynamic and evidence based breastfeeding classes, and now I train educators to teach and support families all around the NW as the current Senior Program Advisor for the Lactation Educator program with CAPPA. I train for the CLE credential (an educator credential for supporting breastfeeding families) which provides many doulas, NCS and caregivers the skills to help parents have up to date information—without the extensive cost and time commitment to become an IBCLC (a 7 year journey of mine).

If you are here looking for training as an educator or doula, or want to host a training please contact me and I will see what we can set up in your area.

I am also available to speak at conferences on several topics surrounding postpartum support especially for multiples, teaching new parent classes, and building a doula or educator business.

Since founding ABC Doula & Newborn Care in 2001 (originally After Baby Comes Doula Service, and then just ABC Doula Service), I have seen the company grow to serve over 2000 families, and I truly love working with our team of doulas.

I also have two teens now, and so appreciate the collaboration at home with my husband Mark who supports ABC as the Accounts Manager.

Locally in Portland I have been involved in several publications on topics covering the postpartum period, including editing the Baby Issue of NW Kids for 5 years, offering Portland families the best of support services, activities, and resources to help them do an amazing job with their little ones.

I adore my job in the Providence Health System offering breastfeeding, newborn care, and Twins and More classes. Although I hated to say goodbye to my role as a moms group facilitator, I was a part of new moms groups at several hospitals for 6 years and loved seeing the community develop from these early bonds together between new moms. These moms changed how I see parenthood, and I am forever grateful to have been a small part of their confidence in their own motherhood.

Because my joy is in helping both new parents and new doulas and educators, I am able to offer beginning and advanced Doula and Educator Trainings through CAPPA (in addition to our service locally in Portland) so this is truly my dream profession! Please don’t hesitate to contact me to find out about anything we offer.

Having recently relocated my sun-starved family to Arizona, I am now managing the needs of the business from home and still frequently travel to teach and serve families in Portland. I offer care to a limited number of repeat and some new clients when I am in Portland, as I love the babies and parents and never want to give up serving them, even when my role takes me elsewhere.

If you want to know more about our company and my doula journey, check out the The ABC Story.

If you are interested building and/or expanding your own doula team, consider a business consult.  Let my years of experience in this field help you build your own dream profession of helping more moms and babies with a fantastic team approach.