ABC Postpartum Doulas: Doula Frederica holding a baby


(Frederica is currently maternity leave through 2019.)

As postpartum work has stolen this Midwestern girl’s heart, Frederica comes to our team (from Iowa originally) as an experienced birth and postpartum doula trained with DONA and CAPPA.

Frederica is also a licensed massage therapist (LMT) and Craniosacral Therapist (CST) for infants as well, so she brings her sensitivity to both moms and babies, and her intuitive eye for problem solving along with her gentle touch to nurture families.

She has also taken advanced courses in lactation, hypnobirthing, and collaborative practice, and it only takes meeting her once to see that she is an excellent communicator, extremely professional, and overall a warm, kind person that you will love to have in your home.

Frederica seems to have a magic touch with babies having a gentle nature that soothes families in the midst of stress, and she is able to empower new moms with her belief in their instincts and intuition. She works with singletons, twins, families welcoming a new sibling, and also has a strong love in her life for furry friends, having two furry ‘first children’ in her life at home. We know she is a great massage therapist and birth doula, but are so thankful that new families have captured her heart so she can devote so much time to our very appreciative families.