Camille, ABC Doula Service, Portland, OR


Postpartum Doula, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Yoga Instructor, Para Educator

(Camille is pictured here with her sweet second-born, the baby we had the joy of supporting her with as postpartum doulas.)

Our first franchise doula! Relocating her family to Seattle, Camille is now available on a limited basis for daytime doula work in Seattle for families in the North Seattle area.

A longtime friend to ABC, Camille has had a desire to become a doula since having children herself. After experiencing a rough recovery with her first child 16 years ago, she had doula support with her second child and raves about the difference (she is our first doula who was a client well). A former social worker, Camille is also a well-known and loved yoga teacher, childbirth educator, and labor doula in the Portland/Seattle area. 

She has extensive experience supporting families compassionately through postpartum mood disorders (including PTSD), as well as connecting families with resources that meet a variety of needs (she is a warehouse of information!).

Camille is the most compassionate person we have ever known, and gives her heart and soul to nurture and comfort parents before, during, and after birth. She is currently employed full time as a Para Educator, but finds times to serve when there is a need in her area. She also recruited the wonderful Daisy to join our team, so if you have a need in the Seattle area, one of them cam likely be a great doula option for you!