Camille, ABC Doula Service, Portland, OR


(Camille is pictured with her sweet second-born, the baby we had the joy of supporting her with as postpartum doulas.)

Our first franchise doula! Relocating her family to Seattle this past summer, Camille is now available on a limited basis for daytime doula work in Seattle.

A longtime friend to ABC, Camille has had a desire to become a doula since having children herself. After experiencing a rough recovery with her first child 15 years ago, she had doula care with her second child and raves about the difference (she is our only doula who was a client well). A former social worker, Camille is also a well-known and loved yoga teacher, childbirth educator, and labor doula in the Portland/Seattle area. 

She has extensive experience supporting families compassionately through postpartum mood disorders (including PTSD), as well as connecting families with resources that meet a variety of needs (she is a warehouse of information!).