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Postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists can be magic at getting newborn babies to sleep… and sleep well! We have a lot of tricks up our sleeve and have advanced training on healthy and safe infant sleep. We have also received calls from many desperate parents who are hitting the edge of sleep deprivation. Here are some ways ABC Doula & Newborn Care can help your family, based on the age and stage that you are experiencing.

What to expect


You bring home a baby (or twins!) and are wiped out after the birth and hospital stay. Doulas can come to your home day or overnight and help you stay in bed while things keeps getting done. Baby care, laundry, dishes, and even food prep can be done while you are in bed. We can provide lactation support for those early days, and make referrals if you need to see other specialists. For sleep support with brand new babies, we also recommend some daytime visits so we can go over some options for better sleep for everyone. It is easier to learn new ideas during the day when your brain is more awake. but the nights make it possible to function during the day with more of your brain.

Overnight care is available during this time, both for moms who have limited mobility after a surgical or difficult birth, or just for parents who are pushed beyond their max with sleep loss. (If you have questions about overnight support check out our FAQ page.) Every bit of your overnight support will be geared towards your goals for feeding and sleep.

Weeks 2-8

Babies during these weeks are usually figuring out feeding more easily, so sleep becomes a huge focus. Doulas can help during this time through day and overnight visits, as in the early weeks, for continued recovery and the transition with partners often going back to work. We also offer a Newborn Visit- a 3 or 4 hour visited geared specifically to teach you all about your new baby, help problem solve with fussy times and sleep routines (hint, these aren’t super clear at this stage). These consults can also be a time of experimentation on new ways to support a fussy baby.

Months 2-4

In addition to continued doula support either day or night, doulas can also provide visits in the evening (4-7 pm ish) when babies are often the most fussy, which can help parents cope and have more peaceful nights. Problem solving is a big focus of doula visits at this stage as patterns are starting to emerge and often sleep is changing drastically. If you are anticipating the transition back to work, your doula visits can focus on helping get you organized for the changes ahead and planning for more sleep for everyone in the home.

For any of these options, head over to the and complete the Contact page form and we will work on sending more sleep support your way!

Postpartum doulas can help you and your baby sleep!

sleep coaching

For babies 4-18 months we offer sleep coaching over the phone, consults in the home, and even overnight implementation to help you get a sleep plan that fits your family’s needs. Many babies experience sleep regressions and disruptions during this time which can stress the family, and we provide this service for babies up to 18 months old. We can also offer sleep coaching for younger babies, with the understanding that we only support babies to sleep within age appropriate expectations, and newborns aren’t able to sleep long stretches early on. We work gently to help achieve the safest and best sleep possible for each baby and family, and respect your need for sleep as parents as much as a baby’s need to sleep well.

Our doula team has been providing sleep guidance for many years with huge success resulting in a lot more sanity for parents. If you are interested in a sleep consult, fill out our our Contact page form and we will follow up with you to schedule. If you are curious and have questions about our gentle sleep consults, please check out the FAQ page or contact us to ask one not covered.

Overnight care

One of our most requested services is overnight care. This is typically an 8 hour block of time (often 10pm to 6 am) where we support more sleep for the whole family.

This can be arranged many different ways, but with the goal of healthy sleep for babies--and some restful sleep for parents--all while keeping your goals for feeding your baby first and foremost.

See our FAQ for further explanation for the way we approach overnight care, as doula care allows for a wide variety of ways to help parents recover from typical newborn baby exhaustion, as well as setting the stage for safe sleep for baby.

Jennifer listened to our goals and concerns and developed a sleep plan that fit into our lifestyle. She offered suggestions on ways to tailor different strategies to fit our son’s personality. Our son was napping less than 1 hour a day. After just one week we are very happy to say our son is now napping 3 hours a day!
— Mother of a 4 month old in Sherwood, OR

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