Lactation Visits

We can help you with the challenges of breastfeeding

ABC Doula offers breastfeeding support from experienced doulas and lactation consultants

Portland is rich with breastfeeding resources and as postpartum doulas we seek to work collaboratively with all your healthcare providers so that both moms and babies can receive as much breastfeeding support as needed to achieve success. All of our doulas support breastfeeding and can provide basic instruction for establishing breastfeeding, maintaining milk supply, introducing pumping and bottle feeding, and avoiding common breastfeeding pitfalls.

For more involved breastfeeding needs, or for last minute, more urgent needs, we also offer shorter lactation specific visits.

These visits can focus on feeding problems and post-hospital stay follow-up concerns. We can also help you establish feeding for multiples or problem-solve if you have already visited the clinic but need some extra support at home. We work in conjunction with the plan from your IBCLC to help support your breastfeeding goals.

Lactation visits can be in the home, hospital or birth center, and usually require less advanced notice than our postpartum care as the need is often urgent.  

Owner Kimberly Bepler is an IBCLC herself and can also offer phone/FaceTime consults at this time. If you cannot get to see a Lactation Consult in person or need someone urgently, remote consults are a great fit until you can see someone in person. She will work collaboratively with your local IBCLC as well as serve those who don’t have access in their area.

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To schedule

If you are interested in setting up a Lactation Visit or phone/Facetime consult, please fill out our lactation visit form below and pre-pay to secure the scheduled visit. 

Lactation Visit - Singleton $100

In-home visit or phone/FaceTime consult with you and your baby.

Lactation Visit - Twins      $150

An in home visit or phone/FaceTime consult with you and your twins.

Make sure to complete the registration process by filling out the form below so the we have your information for the visit.  Once we receive your form someone will get back to you (usually within 24 hours) to begin or confirm the scheduling process.

Kimberly was great at helping me and my son breastfeed. She showed my proper posture and how to support my back and how to breastfeed while lying down. She also helped me learn how to check the latch and how to properly pump milk.
— Mother of 3 month old, West Linn