Private in-home classes

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ABC offers private in-home classes for families that want a class on their time schedule, have special needs, are on bedrest, or prefer an out-of-classroom setting. In addition to providing all the same information offered in group classes, these classes can be customized to your needs.

We bring all the educational tools, videos, etc. necessary to make it a hands on class in your home (as well as using whatever items you have already assembled for baby).  Feel free to have available any slings, pouches, packs, swaddling blankets or cloth diapers that you would like to try out. We have a selection to try, but are also happy to help you with what you have been given or purchased.

If you deliver your baby before the class date, we can have class with your baby (even better for demos) although the class is primarily designed for pregnant couples. You will be able to cover more prenatally then after baby arrives (due to the massive hormonal shift after birth) but afterward it will be more specified to your baby's unique needs. You also have the option of using your class time for doula or lactation service if baby has made an early arrival.

Classes around town

Group class for Twins and More?

For families expecting multiples, Kimberly offers a class through Providence Health System in Portland called “TWINS AND MORE; Newborn Care and Feeding.” Classes are offered once a quarter and registration is done through the Providence website. This is not a childbirth class but specifically for preparing for babies. If possible, try to take your class before 30 weeks gestation as bed rest happens all too frequently to our families expecting more than one. Private classes for families with multiples are also offered (see above), and work well for families on bed rest at home or we can even bring a class to you in the hospital.,

Class Registration

To reserve your private class, please make sure to complete the form below.  Once we have your info, someone will get back to you (usually within 24 hours) to begin the scheduling process.

Preparing Your Home for Baby or Babies! $125

This is a two hour class for families who need some support setting their home up for babies. Often taken earlier in pregnancy (16-30 weeks) to help families figure out what gear is needed and helpful in each unique home setting. Planning efficient spaces for baby gear, going over what is needed and what is not, and helping sort through registry choices can all be covered in this class.

Private Baby Care Class (Singleton)    $150

Classes are 3 hours in your home. We bring all the educational tools necessary to teach this class in your home—as well as using whatever items you may have already assembled. Hands on skills will be taught, as well as time allowed for specific questions for your family’s needs.

Private Baby Care Class (Multiples)   $200

Taught by Donna or Kimberly. Classes are 4 hours in your home and cover twin-specific feeding techniques as well as all the hands on baby skills.

If you are ready to set up a class, fill out this form and we will respond with available dates to set up your class. Feel free to call or text Kimberly with questions, or you can start with questions on our Contact page.