Postpartum Doula, educator, Birth Doula, newborn care specialist, Sleep Coach

Jennifer joined the ABC team both to serve as a postpartum doula and educator, and to focus on sleep support for our most sleep deprived families. As a preschool teacher/director, doula and life coach, Jennifer has 2 decades of supporting parents from their earliest moments of birth and beginning parenting into the toddler years of raising fun, creative, and great sleeping kids! She provides both daytime doula services and sleep coaching for families, as her heart is to nurture and create space for a family to bond and connect, and to provide guidance to those struggling with sleep or other concerns as baby grows.

Jennifer has worked with twins, single parents, high needs babies, and parents with depression and anxiety. She brings a gentle wisdom to the family that allows for creative problem solving without harsh approaches or rigid systems. She can help cushion those early weeks of welcoming a new baby, as well as help design organized systems that allow for efficient routines to take care of everyone’s needs. She brings the juggling skills of a mother of 3, the understanding of a birth doula and the optimism of a life coach, which ends in a winning combo of postpartum doula and educator.

Jennifer also teaches our private prenatal classes and teaches Newborn Care within the Providence Health System. She especially enjoys supporting families of multiples both to prepare and adjust to newborn life with twins.

Jennifer’s journey to gentle sleep coaching:

"I truly believed I was blessed with three babies who just love to sleep until I began to examine the sleep process more deeply. Currently at ages 20, 18 and 12, they all love their sleep and have for most of their lives. It wasn't always easy, but a few things I did learn helped my 3 children love to sleep--specifically, from a very young age I created a love for their crib and a love for sleep. Using what I have learned, I can help your children create a love for sleep which will in turn create a happier, healthier baby as well as happier healthier parents too.

My belief as a sleep consultant is that there is no one way or right way to help your baby (or toddler) learn to sleep. I work hard to embrace and respect the parenting styles of all parents. My goal is to support exhausted parents get their baby sleeping through the night and napping well, so that the entire family can get the rest their bodies need to thrive. I help parents understand exactly why their babies aren't sleeping, make a clear plan, and support them every step of the way while they teach their children to be great sleepers."