Family/Helper Sheet

Help this family get off to a great start:

  1. Please wash your hands before handling the babies, especially during cold/flu season.
  2. Give Mama privacy if she needs it for nursing /pumping and offer a large glass of water.
  3. Make sure Mama is resting! Allow time for naps and quiet time in the house.
  4. Bring or prepare meals that are easy to heat and serve; store in the freezer if the fridge is full.
  5. Offer to run for groceries or other errands; take a detailed list with you if you go.
  6. Put in a load of laundry, then dry, fold and put it in appropriate place.
  7. Be understanding if the house looks messy!
  8. Ask if there are any chores that you might be able to do.  Refer to the chart below.

Chore                                          Name                                              Date                Time








Thank you for helping make the transition smooth for this new family. We as a doula team love supporting them, and love that they have wonderful friends and family to share their joy and some of the workload to ease their way. Please let us know if there is any way we can help you as well.

The doulas of ABC Doula Service