18 Years of Caring for Families

We opened our doors as After Baby Comes Doula Service in 2001, then moved to ABC Doula Service in 2003 for simplicity when we expanded our team, and now we are ABC Doula & Newborn Care. Why? Because we have always taken care of newborns and didn't want them left out! Although the doula role is focused on caring for parents as our primary focus, we often find ourselves caring for babies in order to lighten the load on new parents. After meeting Newborn Care Specialists (NCS) from all over the US, I found that the role we were playing in Portland, OR was similar to the hybrid role. We focus both on parents and babies, and allow families to decide where they want the focus to be. Since we were essentially already doing that, we decided to make it official and get formal NCS training so that we could better meet the needs of parents needing our help. That is why we renamed our business. So everyone would know that although we are doulas first and foremost, we are here for babies as well as parents!