What is a doula?

More than you can imagine...

A postpartum doula is a woman trained to give in-home care to mothers with newborns. Many mothers discover that the challenges they face once they bring their newborn(s) home are more than they anticipated. Current research has shown that women who are nurtured during their early postpartum days, allowed to rest and bond with their infants, and taught the basics of newborn care experience:

  • More success with breastfeeding
  • Better postpartum adjustment
  • Less postpartum depression
  • More overall confidence in their parenting

While a postpartum doula specializes in newborn care, her ultimate goal is not just to care for the baby but to nurture the new mother and help her to mother her baby more effectively.

Naturally each new mother's postpartum needs are different, but if you would like to see some of the most common ways postpartum doulas serve new mothers visit our services.

Caring for twins is one of our specialties
We are finding Amy and Donna incredibly helpful. I get more sleep, nourishment and education when they are here. My husband and I both are able to recharge some after their visits which is making this whole experience much more enjoyable.
— Mother of 3 week old twins, Portland