(Jaime is currently on family leave.)

Fun and energetic, Jaime offers nurturing support in the evening while parents are recovering from birth, adjusting to life with multiples, and gaining their confidence back. She works all over the Portland area, but loves to serve families in SE. Her specialties include food prep (especially healthy snacks that often get neglected with tired new moms) and babywearing skills, including tandem wearing twins.

Jaime has discovered that doula work is a lot like motherhood. Dreamy at first, a great opportunity for lost sleep, and something you fall in love with more every day (and even more when better rested!).

Jaime was a mom in Kimberly's moms group a couple years ago, sharing about her very active baby and toddler and working through the adjustments needed in those early months, as well as seeing what mutual support can do for new motherhood.

After deciding she wanted to be a force that supported moms after their births, she dove into postpartum doula training with CAPPA, started helping fellow moms in the group (which is still together, and several are having babies #2/#3 now!) and decided to jump on board our team to support new moms with the challenges that inevitably happen overnight.

Jaime's son Wyatt challenged her in the slept dept, but with devotion and fortitude, she pushed through and found out how to cope with a non-sleeper. She is excited to be supporting families with instilling good sleep habits and setting up routines that work for them, and for helping with respite in between, especially after the birth of twins or triplets.