Hannah 2


Hannah brings a special joy to her work with families. As a native Oregonian with a BA in Child and Family Studies, Hannah began as a preschool and elementary school teacher, which shifted her focus to wanting to work with families from an even earlier beginning.

Hannah's 15 years as a nanny and several recent years as a birth doula made her especially suited to working with newborn families of all kinds, and she has a special interest in serving LGBTQ families.

Hannah blends her positive approach to life with practical tips on helping babies be calm and sleep well. Families appreciate the extra bit of sunshine she brings to life, as well as her dedication to helping each family find their own way. Hannah serves families during the day with a flexible schedule, including early mornings and late evenings. Her west side location allows her to serve our families from Beaverton to Sherwood, and her flexible timing allow for those fussy baby times when everyone needs a break.

If an overnight doesn’t fit your needs, Hannah can come before the sun is up, allowing you to go back to bed to start your parenting day with rest, while she cares for baby and sets you up for a peaceful day. If she gets a chance to cook for you, her specialties are morning egg muffins and speedy recovery soup, however her biggest specialty is making her doula visit the highlight of your day.