ABC Postpartum Doulas: Cristie


Our seasoned doula, Cristie, brings years of experience with newborns as well as the professionalism of working in the corporate world into her doula career. She specializes in multiples, and has worked with hundreds of our very thankful families of twins and triplets for over a decade with ABC Doula. Cristie has applied herself to education surrounding birth, postpartum, baby care, and breastfeeding, and continues to invest in ongoing education often.

She is certified with CAPPA as a postpartum doula, and has been trained with DONA as a birth doula.

Cristie also provides Sleep Consults for babies over 4 months who are having sleep issues. Check out our Sleep Support page for more information or to get started in that process.

Cristie teaches our private twin classes, and also does initial home visits for clients with multiples who need a visit to organize and get their home set up; both prenatally and once the babies come home. She also provides supportive overnight care, getting babies on healthy routine that supports good sleep habits. Clients speak of her wonderful talents at managing multiples, her hardworking attitude, and her informative care. Cristie brings positive energy, well-researched information, and many “tiny baby” talents to her clients every week. If you are lucky enough to reserve her in advance for your family of multiples, you will be starting off with a doula by your side ready to help your family grow in skill and confidence.