Booking your doula service

Postpartum doula services are sold as packages or additionally on an hourly basis (minimum of 3 hours per day and 8 hours at night). Scheduling is done on a first-come, first-served basis and advanced scheduling is recommended, especially for overnight service. Payments may be made by check or credit card.

Because no two families’ postpartum needs are exactly alike, hours can vary greatly from client to client. Ultimately it is the needs of the family that will determine what amount of postpartum care is needed. We exist to help you make memories with your babies and thrive during those early weeks. Families tell us the investment in postpartum care to support their life after baby was the best money they have spent!

If you aren't sure how much postpartum care you will need, check out our Package Pricing page. Based on the real-life experiences of 2000 families we have served over the past 18 years, these care plans are not intended to lock you into a schedule but to give you an idea of both the type and amount of postpartum care often chosen by other families and to help you budget.

Remember that we can also customize or adjust the plan for your family. One of the benefits to having such a large team is having coverage for unexpected needs that come up for families. When things don't go as planned, we can be there to support you in a larger or more comprehensive way. Conversely, if you decide you are doing better than expected, with some advanced notice, we can taper down your support as well and offer it to another family with more urgent needs.

Postpartum Doula Care Payments

Overnight support           $300

If you need a respite night to focus on sleep for your whole family (parents and babies) but you aren’t sure you need ongoing care, this is the option for you.

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Baby Basics Package            $500

This package is great for setting up care for your baby or twins, focusing on learning about their specific needs, and helping everyone get back on their feet after birth or when welcoming babies through adoption or surrogacy.

Additional Services

New Baby Consult            $125

(3 hours) We focus on problem solving, trying new ideas, and understanding your newborn.

Placenta Encapsulation    $250

Placenta capsules safely prepared in your home.

Lactation Support

Lactation Visit - Singleton $100

In-home visit with your baby.

Lactation Visit - Twins      $150

An in home lactation visit with your twins.


Private Baby Care Class (Singleton)    $150

Taught by Donna – ABC's expert in all things baby. Classes are 3 hours and in your home. We bring all the educational tools, videos etc. necessary to make it a hands on class in your home (as well as using whatever items you have already assembled for baby).  


Private Baby Care Class (Multiples)   $200

Taught by Donna or Kimberly. Classes are 4 hours and in your home and cover twin-specific breast and bottle feeding. We bring all the educational tools, videos etc. necessary to make it a hands on class in your home (as well as using whatever items you have already assembled for baby).  


7 Swaddles DVD                $25

Want to learn the best swaddle for whatever stage your baby is in?  After swaddling thousands of newborns over the last 15 years, Kimberly shows you first-hand the 7 swaddles she uses for different ages and stages. (Running time: 20 min.)

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The "Spa Bath" DVD           $25

If the thought of bathing your newborn makes you a little nervous, have no fear! After giving baths to thousands of newborns over the last 15 years ABC owner Kimberly shows you first-hand her own techniques for “cry-free” bathing your tiny one. (Running time: 20 min.)

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Postpartum Care as a Gift

Want to purchase postpartum care for someone you know? We think that is a great idea!  However, as the nature of this service is quite personal, we ask that you please make sure the recipient is interested in having a Doula come to their home after baby arrives. If the recipient has already requested Doula service as a shower gift (or otherwise requested care) then the following steps can be taken to secure the certificate:

1.      Fill out the form below so the gift can be identified.

2.      Make payment using the "Add to Cart" button below. (You will get a receipt of payment automatically.)

3.      You will receive an email (usually within 24 hours) with your personalized gift certificate (if you selected that option) as an attachment for you to print. Or, you can choose to have us print a personalized certificate on card stock and mail to you (usually takes 3-5 days). Either way these are not automated so there is a delay in receiving them while we customize them for you. If you need it urgently, please let us know and we will do our best to get it ready in time for the gift giving event/baby shower.

To redeem the certificate the recipient will need to fill out our Postpartum Support Form. We will then create an account for the recipient and apply their gift certificate automatically to their account. Recipients will be able to schedule their service as needed, and any service billed in excess of the certificate amount will be billed to the recipient directly.

We appreciate your care and desire to support new parents and we hope Our Doula Service is the best gift they receive!

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After you have submitted the form above, you can purchase your gift certificate using the button below.