Become a Postpartum Doula!

The CAPPA Postpartum Doula Training

Ready to become proficient when offering professional postpartum support? Take the first step towards becoming a Certified Postpartum Doula with CAPPA.  This 20-hour workshop meets the first requirement of your CPD program and prepares you to work through the steps for certification. This course is designed to provide a foundational skill base, knowledge, and perspectives on professional postpartum support for perinatal professionals, as well as providing training for those seeking certification as certified postpartum doulas with CAPPA.

If you want to find out more about the CAPPA Postpartum Doula certification process, please see the Postpartum Doula section on the CAPPA website for information on certification, membership, and all the benefits! CAPPA is the largest childbirth organization in the world, and hosts free conferences every year. They also have the best customer support we've ever experienced, and truly support their membe By registering for this training you are agreeing to abide by the following policies: s to personal success.

By registering for this training you are agreeing to abide by the following CAPPA policies:

I understand that I may not record the training workshop (audio or video).  I may not photograph any PowerPoint slides, training materials, certificates of completion, or any other intellectual property belonging to CAPPA or CAPPA Faculty.  I may not reproduce, publish, or distribute any materials in the training manual or the training hand outs other than for the purpose of using them for my personal business as a postpartum doula.

I may take photographs of CAPPA Faculty and the participants ONLY with the express permission of CAPPA Faculty and the participants.  I may not use these photographs for any purpose other than personal use. They may not be used for any advertising purpose, nor sold or transferred to any other party without the express permission of the parties in the photograph. CAPPA encourages you to share pictures of your training, keeping in mind that if another participant is in the picture, they must give permission AND no CAPPA Proprietary information can be shared.

This course is only one step in becoming a CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula.  There are several other steps that must be completed by the student after the training in order to be eligible for certification by CAPPA. Certificate of training completion is given only if the entire training is attended, the Pre-Training Study Guide is completed, and training fees are paid in full. I understand that using the titles CPD or CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula (or any variation thereof) prior to officially earning my certification from CAPPA will result in being disqualified from being certified.

Refund Policy: Refund in full if training is canceled by instructor. Once student is registered we count you as attending and purchase and prepare materials for your spot. If a student changes their plan to attend, payment can be used for future training (any training location within 1 year of training date, or next scheduled training in the area within 18 months), or transferred to another person. There is a $50 transfer fee to move to another training or to transfer to another person (waived if training doesn’t fill and taking the next available option) or training is canceled (no fees apply if training doesn’t fill). NO refunds for no-shows, partial attendance, or last-minute cancellations. No certificate given if attendee is not present for 100% of the workshop. Transfers must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance from first date of training, as last minute cancellations will forfeit payment. (To insure the training is not cancelled for all other participants if the minimum is not met).