Postpartum Care Packages


We know it is hard to decide how much support you will need in advance, especially if this is your first baby or twins. The following packages are derived from the real-life experiences from the 2000 families we have served over the past 18 years. But keep in mind that we often customize for families, so you are not restricted to these packages. As you decide what will work best for your family, let these packages be a guideline for planning for your budget and coverage expectations.

Single Day or Night Visits:

New Baby Consult

Whether this is your first baby (or babies!) or you have a new baby with very different needs than your other children, a new baby consult is a chance to get some support with whatever challenges you are facing. Covering all the newborn needs, as well as some of the most common new parent questions, a new baby consult can be adapted to work on your specific requests. Daytime hours only for this option, scheduled between 9 am and 8 pm.

Overnight Doula (one night)

If you need a respite night to focus on sleep for your whole family (parents and babies) but you aren’t sure you need ongoing care, this is the option for you. One night of doula support to get everyone feeling better, providing some new ideas for more sleep, and getting your questions answered about your baby. If you decide overnight care is what will support your family best ongoing, you can add on an overnight package (see below) based on your needs. Overnight hours are typically 10 pm to 6 am or 9 pm to 5 am.

Overnight Support Packages:

Overnights can be added to any daytime package, or can be requested without daytime support. Overnight service has an 8 hour minimum, and the hours are typically 10 pm to 6 am or 9 pm to 5 am. If you would prefer a longer term package, the rate is adjusted according to the amount of hours requested. We also have a few doulas that can provide live-in support for a short time frame or travel jobs outside our regular service area. Please contact us for details for a different arrangement. Here are some popular packages:

Basic Care Packages:

(Our most popular)

Baby Basics Package

The introductory package is great for setting up care for your baby or twins, focusing on learning about their specific needs, and helping everyone get back on their feet after birth or when welcoming new babies through adoption or surrogacy. With one baby we recommend 4 day visits (3 hours each visit) and for twins or triplets we recommend having 3 visits (4 hours each) in the first week or over the first two weeks, scheduled flexibly since it is often a mystery when your little ones will arrive.

Mama Care Package

We know those first 2 weeks are the most intense with recovery from birth and adjustment to life with a breastfeeding newborn, so this package concentrates care specifically in those initial 2 weeks. This package is about helping you recover after a vaginal or cesarean birth, optimizing your breastfeeding relationship, and caring for the practical needs of the home all while you bond and connect with baby or twins. We also focus on answering questions about baby’s sleep and comfort, and teach new skills like bathing and babywearing. We will take amazing care of you while you fall in love with your infant(s) and weather those exhausting new days of bonding and learning all things baby. This package includes 6 daytime visits for 3 hours each or 4 visits of 4 hours each and one 2 hour lactation focused visit over a 2 week period for a total of 18 hours.

Confident Start Package

The first two weeks can be crucial to support recovery and getting started with a feeding plan, but many babies actually get more challenging around the 2-4 week mark, just as parents are starting to feel better physically. If your family support goes home--or your partner goes back to work after the first few weeks--this package will be better suited to care for your family as you transition through those challenging first 2 months. We can setup a couple visits early on to get you and your family set up and ready for baby life, and then bring back more support when your family is less available. Visits can be scheduled for 3 or 4 hours each, with 32 daytime hours total.

Packages for Multiples:

Happy Mama of Multiples Package

Twins and triplets can be exhausting, and doulas can help! Many families of multiples choose overnight support to help with sleep deprivation, which is extremely valuable but can add up quickly. For a more affordable option, daytime doula support can offer the crucial *catch up* sleep that can help you survive nighttime with your multiples. With this package, a doula comes 3 days a week for 6 hour shifts, focusing on support for the whole family--but especially sleep for the parents. Doulas can provide support with feeding, sleep, and practical help around the home, but rather than several short visits, can stay throughout the day to encourage mom to stay in bed as much as possible. This package works best for those who are flexible about their sleep times or families struggling with high need babies.